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Our client is one of the largest international players in the FMCG sector and has been working with us for almost a decade. For one of their brands, they needed to build a marketing automation system that would continuously communicate with the brand's target audience during a period of time that was crucial for the target audience.  

Nitro Result:

  • An email flow of more than 60 letters
  • Almost 4 years of continuous communication
  • Software: Nitro's own tools (Consent Memory, BRAIN)


We have been a client of one of the largest retail banks for decades and have been able to contribute to our client's success through a number of campaigns. On a project in 2017, we were tasked with making the most of their dormant database. After analyzing the database, we divided the potentially available customers into two categories and built the campaign accordingly.

Nitro Result:

  • Complex outreach through multiple channels (email, postal mail, telephone enquiries)
  • 25% conversion
  • Database of 80 000 people


Our client wanted to increase its market presence in the SME sector, so it commissioned Nitro to implement a B2B desk sales campaign. The aim was to use a database to find as many potential customers as possible who would be open to switching providers in the highly crowded telecoms market.

Nitro Result:

  • Over 2200 companies in 5 months
  • Outstanding profiling rate of 66%
  • Annual revenue growth of more than HUF 110 million


The travel sector has undergone huge changes in the decade. To stay afloat, a market player needs to constantly innovate - also in sales. Our client asked Nitro to manage a campaign to launch a new service, using state-of-the-art marketing automation tools.

Nitro Result:

  • API connection between the client website and the marketing automation software
  • Live tracking of the potential customer journey from email opening to website crawling


Our client wanted to review their database processes and systems, including CRM, campaign management and marketing automation. Our client came knocking at the right door: we offered the client a highly innovative solution that matched Nitro's expertise.

Nitro Result:

  • First financial institution to use Microsoft Marketing Cloud
  • Successful implementation in the domestic and German markets
  • Hungarian National Bank approved to use cloud-based marketing tools


We've worked with several clients in the automotive sector in recent years, with the most common request being for fleet lead generation for the B2B sector, but also frequent campaign orders for mapping, planning and automating new car journeys. The most exciting project required the creation of a complex SME database (the client asked us to set up a service programme automation mechanism).

Nitro Result:

  • Database of 16 491 companies
  • Contact details of 160 000 company vehicle owners
  • Segments by vehicle size, number of vehicles and turnover


Our client had been successfully operating a chain of stores offline for decades, but its attempts to build online sales had failed. He approached Nitro with several negative experiences behind him. We received an order for our full horizontal and vertical toolkit: building multichannel marketing online: emails, push and pop-up notifications, landing page development, chat window, channelling sales information from social platforms into a central platform

Nitro Result:

  • Deployment of 6 different reactive email streams
  • Database tripled in 10 months
  • Stable 20% CTOR with 1 000 000 emails sent


We are looking out for a profiling and lead generation campaign for Nitro in the domestic B2B sector. The logistics company was looking for new customers for a specialised service with a number of exclusion factors, which required a complex script with multiple screening criteria.

Nitro Result:

  • Database of almost 10 000 products in the domestic B2B sector
  • 21.5% of successful enquiries
  • Well prepared warm leads: 40% conversion after referral

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Data-driven sales & marketing solutions

Is your sales team thirsty for more leads?

In many companies, we find that sales people spend a significant amount of time cold calling, while the actual lead generation and persuasion takes a back seat.

But sales requires more inbound leads and focused conversion. 

Nitro delivers quality leads

In our 90-workstation call centre, equipped with state-of-the-art tools, our experienced colleagues guarantee quality lead generation.

Backed by our unique quality assurance system and 12 years of honing our methodology, our services are used by leading companies in almost every industry.

Not using the potential of your existing customer database?

Building and maintaining customer databases is a lot of work and sacrifice, just think of the cost of obtaining customer data and the problem of legally managing it.

Return on this investment is a top priority for any company's business.

Nitro offers market-leading, innovative solutions for data-driven marketing

We build our marketing automation and marketing technology toolset into sales and marketing programs - custom-designed and tailored to each client's technology, database and business situation.

Measurement and analytical support is an integral part of the programmes. This is the key to return on investment. 

Are your short-term campaigns not delivering the expected results?

Around the big, well-known brands, many agencies provide quality services in creative, media, social media or PR.

These areas alone don't provide a customer value-centric approach, so the results of each campaign don't even come close to the actual potential of the brand.  

We design and manage complex customer value programmes

Nitro delivers multi-year communications programmes across a range of sectors, building on and profiling the customer database:

  • Database analysis, customer value improvement consulting
  • CRM, marketing automation implementation and operation
  • Loyalty programs and reseller motivation systems

Innovative marketing automation toolkit

BRAIN - our proprietary profiling and personalisation solution is the

Informed business decisions can only be based on data! For analysing large databases and representing data, we offer Big Data tools provided by proven technology mammoths and fast-growing successful start-ups - often for free, but almost always at an affordable price. 

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Consent Meory: GDPR kompatibilis belegyezés-kezeéls EN

We're proud to present our proprietary elements of the Nitro toolkit:

BRAIN - a loyalty and reseller motivation engine powered by personalised communication

ROX - data-driven cross-selling and up-selling solutions for shopping malls

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Lead generation and consent management

Every company has an inherent interest in building its own customer or lead database. Nitro's proprietary and 3rd party lead generation tools solve this task, providing a fast, efficient and GDPR-compliant way to build a start-up database or significantly expand existing business-to-consumer relationships.

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Consent Meory: GDPR compliant consent management

There is huge potential in a consumer or business lead database, but tapping into it is a complex task that requires a lot of meticulous work - it cannot be done effectively today without marketing automation and marketing technology. Nitro offers the most advanced tools, selected to fit the current market environment.

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