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Our most complex platforms are designed to maximise customer value. We do this through the use of gamification, promotional and other motivational programmes, always tailored to our Client's business situation and objectives, with a unique logic that ensures long-term customer engagement and repeat purchases.

The programmes are delivered relatively quickly using Nitro's proprietary loyalty modules.

This is not to say that they can be launched without development, but the most complex subsystems are essentially ready to go, ready to launch after customisation.

  • Reseller motivation system: our solution, which follows the specific business logic of manufacturers with a large network of resellers, allows the launch of programmes - also running on mobile and web applications - where sell-in and sell-out can be managed individually.
  • Loyalty Engine: The backend of our loyalty programs allows us to implement complex motivation systems using the full gamification toolkit (point earning and redemption repertoire, levels, badges, promotions, coupons, discount cards, etc.).
  • BRAIN™: underpinning all our loyalty programmes is Nitro's proprietary deep segmentation and campaign management tool, which is also responsible for email and mobile push communications. This allows loyalty program participants to be individually guided through automated workflows to the highest level of the program.

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  • Customer incentive programs

    Loyalty programs are experiencing a renaissance as a customer value development tool, the effectiveness of which is facilitated by both digitization and the proliferation of mar-tech devices. The creation and management of such programs, which provide internal or 3rd party benefits, require a great deal of expertise and experience due to their high complexity.

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  • Reseller motivation platforms

    Our special loyalty programs aimed to boost reseller network output result in significant sales gains and guaranteed ROI if the platform’s motivational system and related communications elements are properly calibrated. This is provided by BRAIN, Nitro’s proprietary loyalty engine.

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  • Database audit & database analysis

    By surveying, cleaning and interpreting the data assets, we perform segmentation and potential analyses to help you tell exactly who to communicate to and when, and on which channel. Data-driven operations make marketing communications more efficient, sales more effective and the whole process much easier to follow. 

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Dániel Dámosy