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We still look back on the lead generation or prospecting solutions of the last century with a bad feeling: it was the era of cold calling, of unavailable agents, of extremely low ROI. Whether we were on the potential customer side or on the customer side, this classic lead generation gave us all bad feelings: wasted time and energy, inefficiency, and in many cases even bad brand perception added to the negatives.

12 years ago, Nitro LeadGen set out to reform the market: to banish outdated solutions and breathe new life into the lead generation tool with innovative tools. After years of work, we have not only succeeded in changing the mindset of our customers, we have also succeeded in changing the mindset of our customers.

Results have done the work for us: we have reached 90% of the domestic SME sector in recent years,

so we can estimate lead conversion rates with a good degree of accuracy - for us, it ranges from 6-13%, depending on the sector and the offer.

How did we achieve this? Firstly, we have built a broad-spectrum digital infrastructure alongside our 80-station call centre, ranging from lead capture websites to promotional e-newsletters to software-analysed data collection. With a successful mix of offline and online tools, we are able to mine all sales opportunities:

  • Those who are in the market now - i.e. identifying companies that are actively looking/interested
  • Those who will be in the market in the near future - proactive prospecting + needs assessment + identifying hot leads
  • Those who are worth engaging in the long term - nurturing leads that meet other criteria

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  • Call Center & Lead Generation services

    In our call center, we can help our customers sell at 90 workstations by systematically processing their target groups. Our database, which has been carefully built over the years, has up-to-date contact information for 90% of the SME market. In addition to lead generation, we also provide outsourced customer service and telephone market research services.

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  • GDPR-proof multichannel consent-management

    Consent Memory is a GDPR-compatible, cloud-based service that securely stores and manages consents collected through online and offline channels. The CM Go!  extension can be used to collect consents via dedicated tablets at all kinds of events.

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