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The most effective way to convert prospect databases is through marketing automation and database marketing programs built on it. The main reason for this is that digital channels are now the defining stages of most customer journeys and decision-making processes. It used to be enough to have a brochure online -

Today, service and brand websites and other online and digital interfaces are performing a very multi-faceted role.

Visitors' digital footprint - along with data captured from other sources, or from CRM and other case management systems, is captured in Nitro's proprietary and/or 3rd party marketing automation software, with GDPR compliant declarations.

The basic data is passed through a segmentation process, partly built-in and partly driven by artificial intelligence, to build unique profiles. This creates the opportunity for personalised communication, with dynamically structured messages delivered to users through multiple channels.

Rules and automated communication flows are built to trigger the right response: getting to the next desired point in the customer journey, ultimately leading to a purchase or re-purchase decision.

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