Marketing automation, a key to success for travel agencies

Marketing automation, a key to success for travel agencies

Tourism is an industry where customer satisfaction is a priority.  

Travel agents need to find effective ways to not only stand out from the competition, but also improve the customer experience. Marketing automation can help.


In this blog article, we'll tell you how you can use this cool tool to achieve both goals.

Personalised email, or the zicca you shouldn't miss


Do you send personalised emails to your guests?  If not, now is the time! Well-timed and segmented messages result in higher open and click-through rates, and therefore more bookings. Here are some examples of automated emails you can send out.


Offers sent based on previous bookings


Do you know that Petra booked her holiday in Greece with you last year? Then offer her your newest Greek destination, because if she loved this beautiful Mediterranean country last year, she'll most likely be enthusiastic about it again this year.


Generation Z offers


Why not give young people what they want? With automated marketing, you can easily introduce them to the trendiest hotels, hottest beach destinations and most memorable nightlife. Sit back and enjoy the incoming bookings.


Family-friendly offers


Travellers with children appreciate a holiday in a place that caters to their needs. Why send them to destinations that are busy party destinations? Parents won't be the only ones who'll be grateful for our bundle of child-friendly offers, we promise. 


Offers for seniors  


Your retired customers are no longer necessarily interested in active holidays. Rather, they are looking for a relaxing and peaceful trip. Are you looking for a full spa holiday or a more leisurely sightseeing tour? Fire up the automation and surprise them with these great options!


Last minute offers


Manage your email campaigns efficiently and save time! Let your subscribers know in time about trips they shouldn't miss.  


Seasonal offers


Take advantage of the variety! Schedule your seasonal offers and notify your customers of opportunities available for a short period of time.  This brings predictability to your business and your guests will be happy to find their dream holiday.  


Pop up


You can keep in touch with your customers with more than just newsletters. A well-designed pop-up can work wonders! It makes it easy to subscribe website visitors to your mailing list or even ask them for relevant segmentation data. 


Loyalty programme


Earn points or a loyalty card... whichever you travel with, it's worth communicating separately with guests who are members of your loyalty programme. Show them how much you appreciate them - with special blog articles, discounts, etc.


And that's just the tip of the iceberg! There is much more potential in digital marketing.  It's all about listening to your customers' needs and interests, and then taking advantage of marketing automation to target them with targeted messages. This is the path to conversions and happy, returning customers.